Why Are You Paying Yellow Pages Or Yell?

yellow pagesAre you wasting your money on Yellow Pages or Yell advertising?

In our opinion the answer to that is probably, yes. The majority of people now have a smartphone and they just use that to go online and search for products and services they need. Most of the time they are looking for those products and services in their area. Nearly 90% of internet searches are for local services, attractions, restaurants and any business or information local to where they are. Put bluntly; most people are not using the Yellow pages or Yell. In the same way hardly anyone is using 118 directory services either for exactly the same reason. Think about the last time you searched for something, did you use a 118 telephone service, the Yellow pages or Yell?

Google search is also on the decline because your potential customers are using social media services like Twitter to find the things they want and believe it or not they are using it to find things in their area and further afield or just to find the latest trends.

Print advertising and PR is already dead among certain groups, they just never pick up a newspaper or magazine. This demographic is increasing every day. Blogging and micro blogging via Twitter is how businesses are reaching those potential clients.

It’s cheaper than traditional advertising too. Our prices start from £15 per week so it’s affordable for any business. Use the form below to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertisingHow do you use Twitter for advertising your business?

Millions of people are using Twitter every day to find information and that includes trying to find products and services. If you are not sharing information about your business on Twitter how are they going to find you?

Many people tell us that they are a local business so how is a global tool like Twitter going to help them to sell to customers locally. That’s like saying a website can be viewed globally so why would a small local business have a website.

People use the internet to find information, products and services locally. Nearly 90% of searches and activity on the internet is people searching and connecting with businesses and people that are local to them. If you are not making yourself available to local people online then they will find a business that is.

So you already have a website and you are on Facebook so why do you need to build a following on Twitter? Because that’s what your customers want. It has been proven that people are using Google search less and using social media to find things instead. It has also been shown that people use Facebook as an extension of their personal life and they don’t like to be sold to on that platform.

People use Twitter to connect with people, businesses, organisations and services that they have no prior connection to so they can find information or buy new products. This is why you should be building a targeted following on Twitter.

By using our services we will analyse who are your competitors and the area in which you operate. We will then find followers interested in those areas and/or those products and services. We will target those potential clients on your behalf and build your following.

Then we will construct a set of automated tweets and links so you don’t have to spend hours of your life posting information about your business to your following.

We have proved our methods work time and again to generate real sales. Our services start from as little as £15 per week so we can suit any budget. If you would like to know more fill out the form below and we will get in touch.