Using Twitter For Marketing


Are You Using Twitter Properly For Marketing?

Marketers and media outlets have been beating the drum about Twitter marketing and it’s potential for a long time but many businesses still don’t understand why they should be marketing on Twitter and what the benefits are or how they should go about it.

Why should you be using Twitter for marketing your business? People are on Twitter to look for information and you want to communicate information about your business. It’s as simple as that. Twitter is not just a social networking between friends like Facebook, it is a platform for people to share and find information about anything with anyone and everyone.

Your potential clients may already be looking for you on Twitter to see what following you have and how you are communicating your products and services or news and information about your industry sector. What will they find today? Will they find credibility because you have a following of thousands? Will they see how you are passionate and engaging about your business? Will they find links to your site or your address and contact details if you have local shop or location in their area?

searchYour potential customers are searching for you on Twitter. Your potential customers are not just finding what they need on Google, they are searching on Twitter. There are now in the region of 2 billion searches on Twitter every day and if you want to be found you need to be active on Twitter. Search results on Twitter are weighted to those with the most followers and those that tweet regularly. So if there is another business offering something similar or with a similar name that has more followers and is more active on Twitter, then they will show up before you when your potential clients are searching on Twitter.

Other search engines are now using Twitter to measure credibility. Many of our clients have noticed how organic search traffic to their websites has increased when we started doing work for them on Twitter. Google and Bing look to Twitter to see how often your site is mentioned or how many people retweeted your links. With a larger targeted following you can get exposure and increased traffic from a number of different sources.

How should you start marketing better on Twitter? The main thing is to start building a targeted following. A targeted following would be attracting people who are already interested in what you offer. You should be trying to gain a minimum of 80 – 100 new and interested people every week to keep the momentum and level of engagement high. This process can be time consuming and difficult for a novice and who has time for it when you have a business to run, right? That’s where we come in. For £45 a week we can use our tried and tested methods to get you new targeted followers and help you market effectively on Twitter.

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