Why Twitter Marketing is Good For Recruitment Consultants

recruitment marketing

Recruitment consultants have one of the most difficult selling jobs there is because they have to effectively sell to two different clients, at the same time, at opposite ends of the service; the employer and the candidate.

This makes marketing for recruitment consultants difficult for the same reason because they need to attract new employers who need staff whilst also separately marketing to potential candidates. This can be both time consuming and expensive.

As an employer we receive emails all the time from recruitment consultant offering information on new quality candidates and as someone still registered on recruitment websites I receive emails about potential jobs I might be interested in. But like most people I rarely read them and they go straight in the deleted items folder. People really don’t read every email properly like they used to because of the amount of it we receive

It’s also true that we don’t thumb through industry publications looking at the jobs advertised in the back any more like we all used to. If we are looking for a job we go to a recruitment website or if we are an employer we call the recruitment consultant we always call. So if you are a recruitment consultant how do you attract new clients and also  attract candidates that might not be actively looking at the moment?

Some recruitment agencies are already tapping into the power of Twitter to shout about how quickly and successfully they get positions filled with the right people and posting all new job details to get the attention of anyone interested, regardless of whether they are actively searching or not.

It’s possible to grow your targeted following on Twitter locally, by industry sector or general interest so you can use the same tool to get truly targeted clients and candidates at the same time. Credibility and numbers in recruitment count so even a few thousand followers won’t really cut it, you need to be reaching tens of thousands. But this can’t just be any random followers they need to be targeted and engaged.

With our Twitter marketing service for less than £40 a week we can build you a targeted and engaged following so you can get more clients and candidates on your books. Our fees are a fraction of those being paid for traditional print advertising which has lost a lot of it effectiveness over the last few years.To find out more get in touch using the form below and we would be happy to discuss things further an show you how we can help build your business further.

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