Large Corporations Know Facebook Advertising and Marketing Doesn’t Work

Twitter advertisingWhat social media marketing works and what doesn’t?

During our own social media marketing research about what creates ACTUAL sales (not just Followers and Likes) we found a lot of evidence for why Twitter marketing is superior to Facebook. This article from Forbes about General Motors pulling out of Facebook advertising backs up a lot of solid evidence we have found that shows people don’t like being sold to on Facebook:

So why is Twitter marketing superior to Facebook? To answer this we have to look at the psychology behind using both platforms. People often shout about privacy settings on Facebook because they view it as a very private space where they share personal information with select friends and family. They see it as a place like their living room where they invite only the people they feel comfortable with so it’s not a place they want to be sold to or advertised to. On the flip side you don’t hear so much about that on Twitter because it’s a space where people look for information and share things with anyone that has a shared interest, whether they know those people or not.

Because people use Twitter to look for information from anyone offering what they are looking for, they are not against buying products and services from them either. This is why marketing professionals have been banging on about the business marketing and selling benefits of Twitter since the early days of Twitter.

The days of print advertising, PPC (Adwords) campaigns and Facebook advertising are not dead but if you are spending money in these areas you might find a better return for less cost with marketing on Twitter. At just £40 a week to build a real, targeted following of potential clients already interested in your offering, it’s one of the least expensive but most effective modern online marketing strategies.

Online marketing and advertising has many pitfalls and can be complicated which is why it’s easy to waste money and get no return. We have years of experience and we would be happy to help you get it right. Just get in touch via the form below and we will get back to you straight away.

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