Why Twitter Marketing is Good For Recruitment Consultants

recruitment marketing

Recruitment consultants have one of the most difficult selling jobs there is because they have to effectively sell to two different clients, at the same time, at opposite ends of the service; the employer and the candidate.

This makes marketing for recruitment consultants difficult for the same reason because they need to attract new employers who need staff whilst also separately marketing to potential candidates. This can be both time consuming and expensive.

As an employer we receive emails all the time from recruitment consultant offering information on new quality candidates and as someone still registered on recruitment websites I receive emails about potential jobs I might be interested in. But like most people I rarely read them and they go straight in the deleted items folder. People really don’t read every email properly like they used to because of the amount of it we receive

It’s also true that we don’t thumb through industry publications looking at the jobs advertised in the back any more like we all used to. If we are looking for a job we go to a recruitment website or if we are an employer we call the recruitment consultant we always call. So if you are a recruitment consultant how do you attract new clients and also  attract candidates that might not be actively looking at the moment?

Some recruitment agencies are already tapping into the power of Twitter to shout about how quickly and successfully they get positions filled with the right people and posting all new job details to get the attention of anyone interested, regardless of whether they are actively searching or not.

It’s possible to grow your targeted following on Twitter locally, by industry sector or general interest so you can use the same tool to get truly targeted clients and candidates at the same time. Credibility and numbers in recruitment count so even a few thousand followers won’t really cut it, you need to be reaching tens of thousands. But this can’t just be any random followers they need to be targeted and engaged.

With our Twitter marketing service for less than £40 a week we can build you a targeted and engaged following so you can get more clients and candidates on your books. Our fees are a fraction of those being paid for traditional print advertising which has lost a lot of it effectiveness over the last few years.To find out more get in touch using the form below and we would be happy to discuss things further an show you how we can help build your business further.

Large Corporations Know Facebook Advertising and Marketing Doesn’t Work

Twitter advertisingWhat social media marketing works and what doesn’t?

During our own social media marketing research about what creates ACTUAL sales (not just Followers and Likes) we found a lot of evidence for why Twitter marketing is superior to Facebook. This article from Forbes about General Motors pulling out of Facebook advertising backs up a lot of solid evidence we have found that shows people don’t like being sold to on Facebook: http://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2012/05/15/gm-says-facebook-ads-dont-work-pulls-10-million-account/

So why is Twitter marketing superior to Facebook? To answer this we have to look at the psychology behind using both platforms. People often shout about privacy settings on Facebook because they view it as a very private space where they share personal information with select friends and family. They see it as a place like their living room where they invite only the people they feel comfortable with so it’s not a place they want to be sold to or advertised to. On the flip side you don’t hear so much about that on Twitter because it’s a space where people look for information and share things with anyone that has a shared interest, whether they know those people or not.

Because people use Twitter to look for information from anyone offering what they are looking for, they are not against buying products and services from them either. This is why marketing professionals have been banging on about the business marketing and selling benefits of Twitter since the early days of Twitter.

The days of print advertising, PPC (Adwords) campaigns and Facebook advertising are not dead but if you are spending money in these areas you might find a better return for less cost with marketing on Twitter. At just £40 a week to build a real, targeted following of potential clients already interested in your offering, it’s one of the least expensive but most effective modern online marketing strategies.

Online marketing and advertising has many pitfalls and can be complicated which is why it’s easy to waste money and get no return. We have years of experience and we would be happy to help you get it right. Just get in touch via the form below and we will get back to you straight away.

Why Twitter Marketing is Good for Cosmetic Surgeons and Dentists

cosmetic surgery advertisingMaking changes to your appearance with cosmetic surgery or dentistry is an area that can be quite controversial but still growing in popularity. Even simple procedures like Botox come under scrutiny so anyone looking for these services for the first time is rightly searching for a provider with credibility and a good track record.

For anyone in this business, building credibility on a regular basis to sway potential customers with a range of work and positive feedback is imperative. Carefully managed references and testimonials on your own site might not be enough to sway an interested but worried potential client.

Building a targeted, interested and engaged following on Twitter can back up your credibility with real and honest feedback that will attract new clients. Just a decent size following might be enough to reassure an interested potential customer. Equally a small following of less than 2000 (yes I’m sorry but that’s not a lot in the Twitter sphere) can be enough for people to dismiss you as too small.

We have years of experience in creating online marketing campaigns that produce real credibility and a following that translates into real clients, not just interest and “Likes”. For £40 a week we can start working on a strategy that works. Get in touch via the contact form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Increase your business marketing on Facebook…by using Twitter!

Facebook and Twitter MarketingI know this might sound odd but it’s possible to treble the amount of Likes on your Facebook business page by inviting people to do so and linking to Facebook from Twitter. Since we started regularly doing this for our clients they have increased their Facebook page Likes and exposure by nearly 3 times what it was.

Brand recognition, brand awareness and building credibility is about spreading your message across multiple platforms. Although a lot of research suggests people don’t like being sold to on Facebook but they are far more open to marketing and buying via Twitter, it doesn’t hurt to share your message across different networks.

In our experience Facebook is about connecting with people that already know you exist, Twitter is useful to reach those potential clients that don’t know you yet. So building a following on Twitter is far more useful and should bring you more followers than you get on your Facebook page. Once you have built a good following on Twitter you can invite all those people to join you on Facebook too. This gives you far more potential to SELL to those potential clients which is what being in business is all about; lot’s of Likes is nice but real sales are what matter.

If you have a following on Facebook that is mostly just people that already know you and your business but isn’t growing much or your Twitter following doesn’t reflect how you want to market your business then we can help. For £40 a month we can build you a genuine targeted following of potential customers that are already interested in what you are offering. Many of our clients are now getting 80% of site traffic and sales via Twitter.

If you’d like to know more use the contact form below and we will be in touch ASAP.

Why Twitter Marketing is Good For Estate Agents

Twitter marketing for estate agentsWhy would marketing on Twitter be good for estate agents? Because it’s the best way to build local influence and update local people of new properties on the market, types of properties selling quickly and keeping the general customer base up to date without huge adverting or listing costs.

For decades if you pick up any local newspaper you will find pages of block advertising for estate agents in the area but many people under 45 years of age haven’t regularly read a local newspaper for years. Unless those people are actively searching on the property websites how do you get their attention? How do you let them know they could get a good price for their current house and move up the property ladder to a better home?

The answer is Twitter. Why is Twitter good for marketing to local people? Despite misconceptions about Twitter being only a global platform, many people use it to follow local businesses and find out what’s happening in their area. Twitter also now support pictures to be posted with messages so property photos can be tweeted too.

Why is Twitter better than other forms of social media for selling and marketing? Because many people use Twitter only to find information and share information on an open basis. Other forms of social media are used to privately share personal photos and information with their select friends and family, they don’t like being sold to in that private space. Unlike Twitter where people are open to new information, products and services from anyone they find interesting.

Estate agents all over the world are now using Twitter to build a local audience and send out brief property details the second they get instructions with a quick photo. Many properties get sold like this before proper details are printed, uploaded to property sites or advertised in newspapers, saving agents hundreds in costs and increasing profit margins on those sales.

If you are an estate agent or any business selling locally and you want to start building a targeted and genuine local following of thousands instead of just a few hundred, for a fraction of the cost of print advertising, get in touch and we will be happy to help. Our standard price is just £40 per week. Use the form below and we will be in touch ASAP.