What Could You Do With 500 New Potential Customers?

BsnessYou can have the best products and services in the world at the best prices and the greatest customer service but if you can’t attract new clients then your business will struggle.

Someone once told me that only 10% of advertising works; if only we could work out which 10% it was.

Over the last few years our team has systematically been trialing various online marketing strategies from Pay Per Click (e.g. Google Adwords) to Social Media Marketing on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

We weren’t surprised to find that social media marketing gave the best return on investment but we did find something that impressed us. Although most of the social media platforms worked well for selling more and communicating promotions to existing customers we were shocked at the level of completely new customers that came to us via Twitter.

After refining the process we started to get some great results using Twitter to market various business and by results we mean actual sales and money coming in, not just “likes” and clicks. This is where we found the 10% of advertising that worked because we profiled the target customers and those Twitter users who were active and targeted them. It wasn’t indiscriminate advertising like a sign on a bus or newspaper ad. It is as targeted as pay per click advertising but cheaper and gives better results.

At some stages we were getting over 500 targeted followers a week that were interested in the businesses we were promoting and actively engaging with us, asking questions, recommending to friends and most importantly; buying!

How would your business benefit from 500 new and interested potential customers? What could you share with them, promote or sell? Whether you are a small home based business, a local shop or a large multinational we could help you by providing the following for less than £25 a week:

  • Advice on optimizing profile for maximum results (people don’t like to follow profiles that are too corporate or brand oriented)
  • Between 500 and 1000 new targeted followers per month who are already interested in the products and services you offer
  • Get over the Twitter imposed 2000 follow limit
  • Auto feed of regular tweets, promotions and product info so you don’t have to worry about tweeting every day (Maximum of 20 regular tweets)
  • Obtain leads and followers that can be local or international so they are useful for small businesses as well as large companies or online businesses
  • Automatic Direct Message to new followers that gets maximum clicks (must not look like spam)
  • Get followers that like to re-tweet so your tweets are more likely to go viral and get you more followers/leads/sales
  • Have a managed solution so someone else spends the time on this and you can concentrate on making the sales and other areas of core business
  • A price that is more cost-effective than most Pay Per Click (Adwords etc) advertising and can give a better return on investment

We are offering a discount for new the first month to new clients so get in touch via the form below and we will be in touch with more info:

How Can I Use Twitter to Promote a Local Business?

SllngTsPeople are spending more of their lives online and doing more on the internet than ever before. From shopping, communicating, sharing information, selling almost anything, finding jobs and even dating. Whether you like it or not, it’s happening.

But good news for the local business is: People still like to buy from people and they still like to buy local.

The key for any local business now is to share information, communicate and build relationships with potential local customers online. If you don’t then you will miss out on those fresh new customers (especially younger ones). Not only is it possible but it’s easy, our clients are doing it and they are making more money from it than ever before.

Twitter is fairly unique in social networking in that people are willing to connect with others that they don’t know. Just because of a shared interest or maybe because they are from the same area.

What would or could you do with 1000 new targeted and interested followers that are located near you? That’s what we could provide every month. It’s easy to put the information out there but if nobody is seeing it then it’s useless. We can get you the specific potential customers you need, in the areas you want them.

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Why Should I Use Twitter When I’ve Got Facebook?


This is what I said to myself and others many times until the penny finally dropped about the difference between Facebook: Facebook is for people who already know you exist, Twitter is for reaching those that would never normally find you any other way.

Facebook will even want to verify if you definitely know someone before you can send a friend request. Yes you can “like” a page but it’s not the same as really connecting with the person.

Any business wants fresh new customers, it’s a fact, there’s a limit to how much a business can grow and make more money from the clients it already has. From the dawn of time every business owner wants to attract new clients who don’t know the benefits of their products and services yet. That’s where the invention of marketing came in.

Marketing is really just communicating and building some kind of connection with potential customers. In the online world what better and easier way to that than through social networking?

It took us about a year to nail down all the components of how Twitter could work as a marketing tool but now we can attract almost 1000 new targeted followers in a week! This traffic generates more interest and sales than from any search engine, adwords campaign or Facebook put together.

Because we nearly gave up on Twitter in the early days we know how frustrating and unrewarding it can be if you don’t do it right, we wanted to help other achieve the same success we have. After trying to explain it a few times we realised it’s not that straightforward and many people don’t have the time to build the following as we did. So for less than £25 a week we will do it for you.

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Have You Seen How Small The Yellow Pages is Now?

NewPagesAnyone running a business large or small 10 years ago would have automatically had at least a few lines in the yellow pages and you would probably get business from it. Today almost nobody uses the yellow pages because everyone has a smartphone tablet or laptop that they quickly use to find what they want.

Equally print newspapers are in rapid decline because people find the news and local information online. So if you are a large business or a small local company how do you reach new customers? How do people discover you when they need you?

This is question I was asking about three years ago when I realised how much the landscape had changed and I could see that big national and multinational businesses were already on the ball and sucking up that local business because they new how to market online and be found whenever someone was looking.

I try and talk to business people about this all the time and I always hear “Yeah I know, we’ve got a website” and I always answer the same thing “how come I can’t find it then?”. People are not searching for your business name, they don’t know you exist!

As a general rule people like to by local and the old saying people like to buy from people is still very true. Believe it or not the customers out there are getting more and more frustrated they can’t find your business and turning to the large companies because they feel they have no choice.

Over the last few years I have found several ways (not just Twitter marketing although that is a big one) to reach local customers, to be visible online to the potential clients I want to reach, locally, nationally and internationally.

If you would like my team to help you and your business to promote, advertise, market and communicate your business to a targeted audience and win you tangible new business and real sales then get in touch via the form below. Our services start at just £25 a week.