Using Twitter For Business

twbSo why is Twitter great for your business? Anybody in business wants more customers; you have great products and services at good prices, your existing customers are very happy but you need more customers.

Getting your message out there to targeted potential clients that don’t know you exist yet has been the main aim of every business large or small since the first business was started.

Social media marketing has been raved about for a few years now but it’s easy to get it wrong. Some social media platforms like Facebook are designed to communicate with people you already know or they found you somewhere else first, which is great for marketing to existing customers but what about reaching those illusive new clients?

cp-phnsTwitter enables people to connect with anyone with a shared interest, useful information, common purpose or just a similar sense of humour regardless of whether you know them already or not. That’s why Twitter is great for marketing and advertising your business to people who might never have found you anywhere else.

We don’t market our clients on Twitter indiscriminately, we will get you between 500 and 1000 targeted followers every month. So after a few months you could have over 3000 targeted and interested followers receiving promotions and information on your products and services on a daily basis. What’s that worth to you and your business? Whatever it might be worth we charge just £40 a week.

Why Should I use Twitter to Promote my Business?

NwspprsTwitter works surprisingly well at advertising and marketing for the smallest local business right up to large multinationals. People are using the internet now to look for local businesses and services like they used to use the phone book or yellow pages years ago.

People of all ages are watching less traditional TV, listening to less radio and reading less print newspapers. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and any number of devices connected to the internet is how everyone is finding the information and entertainment they want, when they want and where they want it.

A properly run Twitter marketing campaign can consistently attract, communicate and sell to those people at a fraction of the time and cost of other marketing. That’s why using Twitter for business works.

How Does It Work?

ads2We use a collection of tools to enable us search and find Twitter users that are interested in what you are promoting. This could be by who they already follow, what tweets they have sent, who they have replied to or interests expressed in their profile. We then target these people to encourage them to follow you by a variety of methods.

A lot of this work is manual and requires a person to target your potential customers properly, which is why it works. The Twitter authorities don’t like automated following, fake follower accounts and aggressive marketing tactics and we work hard to find real, targeted potential clients and operate within Twitter’s guidelines.

  • Advice on optimizing profile for maximum results (people don’t like to follow profiles that are too corporate or brand oriented)
  • Between 500 and 800 new targeted and genuine followers per month (this might be slightly lower in the first month as we build activity and promotion)
  • Get over the Twitter imposed 2000 follow/follower limits
  • Auto feed of regular tweets, promotions and product info so you don’t have to worry about tweeting every day (Maximum of 30 regular tweets)
  • Obtain leads and followers that can be local so they are useful for small businesses as well as large companies or online businesses
  • Automatic Direct Message to new followers that gets maximum clicks
  • Get followers that like to re-tweet so your tweets are more likely to go viral and get you more followers/leads/sales
  • A price that is more cost-effective than most Pay Per Click (Adwords etc) advertising or traditional print marketing and can give a better return on investment
  • Many so-called social media consultants are offering inferior services without attracting nearly the number of new targeted followers we are, for prices well over £500 a month. Our effective Twitter marketing solution is just £195 per month.

All this for around £40 per week so if you want experienced targeted Twitter marketing that can generate real sales for you and your business go to our Services Page and use the “Buy Now” button or fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you ASAP